Frequently Questions


We offer membership to any individual, collective or company from any industry or sector in Nigeria.
We offer three types of membership. They include;
 Corporate Membership
 Consultancy Membership
 Individual Membership
You can become a member by downloading the membership form here and submit it via email at info@niscn.org.ng or you can submit the form in person at any of our NISCN branches nationwide.
Our subscription fee is broken down in the attached document here
A complete breakdown of our membership package and benefits can be found here
The NISCN allows those in other sectors to qualify for individual membership status


We offer various qualifications in Health and Safety. You can see a breakdown of our courses here
Yes NISCN offers courses that can be tailored to suit particular areas of concern.
Yes specifically authorized organizations may carry out our trainings and qualifications on behalf of NISCN in their specific state as an approved training partner (consultancy member).
You can see a breakdown of our calendar for the year here to view all scheduled trainings for the year to find one happening at a location near you!
Any prospective partners must first become a member of NISCN under the category of a consultancy member. Once membership is granted, a proposal detailing the prospective training you wish to carry out and a draft of your intended partnership agreement with NISCN should be submitted at the NISCN branch in your state.
Trainings take place at our authorized training centers nationwide. Trainings can also be organized from within a company if requested.
Once membership is approved and the certificate is issued, the logo will be sent to you via email.
Learning from Incident is an electronically generated report sent out which details new and prevalent accidents as they occur and the possible steps to prevent them in the future.
Yes. You may post a report or the details of an accident by sending a report to us via email at info@niscn.org.ng and the Learning from incident team will generate a report from it.
You can subscribe to Learning from Incident via email here.


We tailor our work and services to what is required from the prospective client and what particular areas are in need of improvement and help. We offer a wide range of services in various areas including
Like our consultancy services, we are able out adapt our services to address specific areas of concern and help to you to identify and target any potential lapses. In addition we also offer a more general audit, which meet the new ISO 45001:2018 standard.
This is an internationally recognized and applied health and Safety standard recently published in 2018. This new metric properly assesses and reflects the current health and safety expectations of in this day and age.

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